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Book Playlist: By the Sword by Sara Flower

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Hey guys! Today, I present to you a wonderful book by my friend Sara Flower. I have yet to read the book (I need to get my own copy) but judging from the synopsis it sure sounds exciting! I've got the book excerpt and the playlist Sara was listening to while writing the book (Well, I hope it is). ENJOY! 

Title: By the Sword (Ebook)
Author: Sara Flower
Genre: Fantasy, Young-adult
Publisher: Violet Sword Publishing
Pages: 240

Seventeen-year-old Talya's main goal is to bring down the Malinorian Empire. And Jalarn, the empire's prodigy general, is at the top of her list of enemies to kill. Not only has Jalarn murdered Talya's king, he's almost killed her. Twice.

But things don't go as Talya planned when a visiting prophet sends her on a mission to the highly feared Hunter Forest. It is there that she must gain the allegiance of the forest's inhabitants before Jalarn and his men do.

Then, memories of a haunting vision resurface when Talya comes face to face with Jalarn. She makes a rash decision that sends her down a path she never imagined she would follow.

Jalarn could sense that the sword maiden was in the forest. The feeling had intensified after he had finished his meal. He left his men to their games and walked through the dark forest in search of her. She was most likely there to sway the giants’ allegiance before he got to them – the fool. It would be the last time that she would get in his way. She would not escape him this time.

“Show me where she is, lord. I will not fail to kill her for you this time.”

Jalarn’s eyes adjusted to the dimly lit woods. He would find her. He would not sleep until her blood soaked the ground.

He came to a clearing. No sign of her. He backed up and went the other way. He found one set of human tracks. They were definitely not a giant’s. He followed them. It had to be her foot prints. No one would choose to enter that place alone unless they were crazy or forced to.

Why had she come to Hunter Forest by herself? She was asking for death being in the same forest as him. Like a hungry predator stalking his prey, Jalarn knew that he would soon kill her. And then he could finally forget about her.

The Book Playlist

ENJOY some of the videos I've found! :D Death of Me by Read is my fav!

1. Existence by August Burns Red

2. Already Over, Pt. 2 by Red

3. A New War by Jagged Doctrine
4. Figure .09 by Linkin Park

5. In the Dark by Flyleaf
6. Amazing by Andy Hunter
7. Death of Me by Red

8. Terra Firma by My Children, My Bride

Author Bio:

Sara is a twenty-something Canadian who has enjoyed writing stories since kindergarten. She likes good music & inspiring films, which fuel her creativity. She also happens to be something of a fitness nut and fashion is her passion.

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