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Quick Review: Always You by Shilpa Mudiganti

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Title: Always You
Author: Shilpa Mudiganti
Publisher: Inkspell Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Format: Paperback, Novella
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Lyla has to move on. She’s been stuck in a rut since her heart was broken five years ago. Trying to decide about life with her fianc√©, Nick, she resolves to finish one last project before moving to Spain and starting a new life. That is until she is face to face with the one man who broke her heart all those years ago, Alexander Knight.

Five years ago, when Alex and Lyla meet at his friend, Andrew's grave, they fall deeply in love. But, Alex is hiding a secret that will destroy his relationship with Lyla and does. What Lyla doesn’t realize is that Alex has changed since their break-up, because of her love, only she still has hate in her heart towards him.

But now, fate has brought them together in such a way that they have no option but to remain dangerously close - dangerous enough for Lyla to fall in love with him again. How can she? Not after what she knows about Alex and what he did to Andrew.

It’s true that love can change people for the better. But is it enough? What will happen when two broken people with a past come together? Can they forgive and heal?

A speedy romantic novella about overcoming betrayal and lost loves

I'm only saying what I'm about to because its pretty obvious how the book will end. When I finished this book I felt relived that finally, the protagonists aren't going in circles and driving themselves mad anymore. More than five years of unwanted hurt and pain that could have been avoided, has come to an end and everyone's happy! Thank goodness!

Now, thats out let me go into more detail. I was looking forward to reading this book. No, its not because I'm friends with the author nor is it because I designed the cover. I decided long before I got to know the author and began the first draft of the cover, that I liked the long summary of the book and that I was definitely looking forward to reading it. It started out really well, the fallbacks were written well, the writing style was a little choppy but good towards the middle. As the story got along, I noticed some mistakes in grammar, and punctuation and then, there was the part where I couldn't connect with the book, I didn't feel what Lyla (the main character) felt. I didn't tear up with her, I didn't get angry with her, even with Alex (the other main character), I didn't feel it.

Always you, is a great read for those who love short, romantic reads that are angsty and filled with odd twists and turns that I didn't see coming. And for a Novella its rare to find twists and turns. If you don't mind little errors here and there, and love romance. Try picking this up. You might like it.


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