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Review: A Question of Time by Joanne Renaud

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Title: A Question of Time
Author: Joanne Renaud
Genre: Romance, Time Travel
Format: eBook
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Years later, successful author Celia Cavalotti is still mourning the death of her favorite teacher, who died in a car crash in 1989. But when a car accident of her own hurtles her back in time to the week of his death, she has a chance to change the future.

Finding herself in the 1980s is a shock to the extremely modern Celia-- but even more shocking is seeing her dead English teacher, Alan Forrest, alive and well before her very eyes. Alan is far more handsome than she remembers, and she can't resist the urge to flirt. After all, they have so much in common, like writing and a shared love of science fiction. Celia knows she's falling in love with him-- but can she use this opportunity to prevent his tragic death? What is happening to her? And why can't she seem to stay in one place and time?

Like usual,  I picked up A Question of Time without reading anything about the book but simply just basing the book entirely by the look of the cover. I know, it's a bad habit. But you can't say you haven't done it too.

Thirty minutes into the book and I was hooked. It was so simply written and the main character was so likeable, that you can't help but like the book too. So, seeing as the book looked like a time travel book. I didn't know when the "time traveling" would start.

I read and read and I thought, huh, Celia (the main character) doesn't have any paranormal powers, how is this going to work?. Well, ladies and gentlemen, Joanne Renaud, wrote a book that isn't what you or I expected. The time traveling occurred in an unexpected way. It was so unpredictable, that I was in awe. I love it when I don't read the synopsis! It makes the book even more thrilling!

I was also curious about how when and how the romance would play out and when it did. I absolutely loved it. The whole storyline was beautifully written and constructed. Though, it shares similarities to various books and movies. But it still held its own uniqueness and wit.

In conclusion, Joanne Renaud wrote a beautiful book that was realistic and at the same time, held elements of the classic Time Traveling. It was short and oh so good! A definite unputdownable book!

“That’s a great book,” a voice said behind her.
She was so startled she almost jumped. Whirling around, a bespectacled young man stood behind her.
Could it be? As her eyes grew huge, the blood drained from her face.
“Uh, miss,” he said, clearly concerned. “Is everything all right?”
“I—uh—yeah, sorry. I’m all right,” she managed to say, but still continued to stare. He was hardly as fashionable as the metrosexuals and neo-preppies back in New York. With his gray corduroy sports coat, pressed blue shirt, and belted brown high-cut trousers, he looked very much like a teacher from twenty-one years ago. He wore his dark blond hair mid-length and feathered, in a left side part; and he had a serious, earnest sort of face, narrow, but with a firm jaw, defined chin, and a long, straight nose.
But the most noticeable thing about him was his glasses. His huge brown-tinted plastic frames seemed to cover half his face. They looked ridiculous, but they somehow intensified his eyes, which were very blue.
It was him. It was definitely him. Mr. Forrest.

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