Thursday, July 21, 2011

Review: Haven by Kristi Cook

Title: Haven
Author: Kristi Cook
Started: 17/7/2011
Finished: 21/7/2011
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After Violet McKenna’s father’s death, she is looking for a new start and Winterhaven, a Co-Ed boarding school seemed like the place to do it. Soon after the end of her first day Violet discovers the school’s secret; all the students in Winterhaven have psychic abilities. Cliché? No, it gets better, Violet meets a mysterious, alluring boy named Aidan and she’s never been this connected with anyone the way she is with Aidan. As their relationship deepens so does Violets visions. She begins to see vivid images of Aidan’s death. As it intensifies, she sees herself as the cause of his death and now she wants nothing more than to stop it.


A reader would think that this debut is a little bit too cliché but there’s no harm in trying it out like I did.

It began with a tragedy and of course moving way from this tragedy (literally). As Violet moves into Winterhaven she is convinced it’s just like every other school, normal. Oh, how she is wrong. It wasn’t as cool as X-Men but it will possibly get there in the next few books in the series.

Violet at first would annoy a reader with her usual overwhelming feelings and angst but as the story develops she grows on you and so does all the secondary characters who are less overwhelming. As the plot thickens things get pretty predictable but it still manages to be unique in its own way and still makes the reader go “Oh, come on! You can’t be serious?!” Yes, there’s an unexpected bit to this.

To top it all off, Haven was written cleanly (literally). It was so easy and fast to read. This book has its shiny unexpected moments that young readers would love. Clearly it was unputdownable further than that it’s a 3/5 stars read.

Further Comments: I'm confused is this book a stand alone book or a series? I've been reading reviews around and most have mentioned it being a series but on Goodreads it doesn't say "Haven #1" like it should when its a series. Oh well!



  1. I'm still on the fence on whether or not I will one day read this book. Everyone just seems to say it was ok-good. At this point in life with the little time I'll have to read when I get back into my college classes I don't have time for books that are just ok-good. I want to be amazed lol. Thanks for the great review.

  2. I thought it was a little too cliche' for me. While it was an easy and fast read it just wasn't for me. Just felt like the same YA story told over and over again.

    Great Review. :)


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