Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Review: Die For Me by Amy Plum

Title: Die For Me
Author: Amy Plum
Started: 13/9/2011
Finished: 14/9/2011
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Die For Me is the debut novel of a wonderful new writer named Amy Plum. The book was focused on the main character Kate who, with her sister, moved to Paris to stay with their grandparents after their parents death in a tragic accident. It isn't easy moving to a whole new place and leaving behind all her memories and her home. And Kate uses the world of books as a means to escape from her pain that she has to go through due to the loss of her parents. Slowly, she begins to get out more and read out in a cafe where a mysterious young man catches her attention and destroys whatever boundaries she put up with just one smile.

As Kate finds her self in a deep ditch of overwhelming yearning for this mysterious boy she finds out he isn't as he really seems. His destiny unravels itself in front of her and is she going to let this scare her away so she wouldn't feel the same loss she once did with her parents over and over again? Or would she risk her own life for her love?

Die For Me directly pulled me into its pages of beautiful text and descriptions. The described scenario itself blew you away. I found it incredibly easy to connect with the main character Kate as she and I have the same habits when it comes to books. She wasn't the overwhelmed kind unless in moments when you can't help but feel overwhelmed. She's got a strong will and I admire her for what she's willing to do for anyone she loves even if it means heart-break and excruciating pain.

Vincent as well held his part as the mysterious one. I have no complaints in his character. The secondary characters as well all held their best qualities and there too I have no complaints.

The story itself was original and very captivating. It was an entirely new scenario for me. Modern Paris the City of Love and Lights! It was amazing to read about all the places Plum described. It makes the reader feel as if she/he is really there.

Die For Me is a stunning read with beautiful poetic writing from Amy Plum and an amazing plot that remains hers alone so far. A wonderful Debut for a wonderful writer!

I also named one of my illustrations after this. Well sort of. :D  Revenant.


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  1. Great Review! I read it from netgalley a while ago. And I love this cover!


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