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Author Interview: Jessica Miller (Author, The Wanderers)

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Anyways! Today, we have an awesome author here with me. Please, welcome Jessica Miller!


I live in a fantasy world and have an over active imagination. But the best part about that is I never stop creating new characters and new stories to share. I love writing and expressing myself in a way that everyone else can enjoy as well. I work in the salon most days, but when i'm not doing hair, I'm writing or reading.

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UB asked: When did you start writing up The Wanderers? What sparked the idea and how long did it take you to write it?

I started writing The Wanderers in early 2011. I don't remember how long it took me to write it, but I do know i was finishing up book 3 by late summer. The Idea for The Wanderers came from my crazy imagination. I wanted to do something different. So i started with an outline of the story. I knew where i wanted it to go and I knew what I wanted to happen, it was just a matter of filling in the rest. A lot of times music was my inspiration. I would be listening to a song and a whole scene would play out in my head. Of course it would always be at the most inconvenient times and by the time I would get a chance to write it down I forgot most of it. Honestly most of my ideas just come from trying to do something different. And when I get an idea in my head it just flows.

UB asked: Why name it "The Wanderers"?

The title has to do with the characthers in the book. It's what they are. I don't know how I thought of it. It just knid of came to me one day and I was like hey, I like that.

UB asked: If "The Wanderers" were made into a movie, who would play Ella and other main characters?

This one is hard becasue I never put much thought into who would play the characthers because everytime I think of Ella I think of me. I imagine myself as Ella because I put a big part of me into her character. I always tend to take some small aspect of myself  and put that in each charatcher I develop.

With Ella it's so hard to narrow it down. So with that I think I'll leave it up to the readers on who they would pick. I know everyone always has a different version of who they would think would play the perfect Ella. As for the other characters, I recently discovered an actor by the name of Ryan Rottman (From The Lying Game) who I think would be a good choice for Tristan. For Ella's best friend Josie I would pick Kaley Cuoco (Big Bang Theory), Susan Sarandon as Ella's mother just because I really like her and Justin Timberlake for Jack. I actually have a better idea for a cast of characters for the second book but don't want to give anything away yet.

UB asked: I love the haunting feel to the cover, do you personally think the cover matches the contents of the book?

Yes I do feel the cover fits the book. I didn't just want to put someone's face on the cover and I wanted it to stand out. The backround picture is an actual picture taken by my mom (Kim Geissler). When I saw it I immediately said that would be perfect for the cover. So with a little help from my friend we made some additions to the picture along with some color changes and wah-la. I think the cover represents Ella on her journey to discover who she is.

UB asked: Why is "The Wanderers" any different from other YA Paranormal book?

Even though the book is about the supernatural i still try to talk about real issues. I like when the readers can relate to the characters. I also try to keep you guessing and try my best to make sure my books aren't predictable. Nothing is worse than when you figure out the ending before you're even halfway through the book. I don't like a book where i can predict what happens at the end of every chapter. That's boring so I try my hardest to keep you on your toes.

Describe "The Wanderers" using 3 adjectives.

Awesome, nail-biting, original


Thank you so much Jessica for stopping by Unputdownable Books! :)

More about Wanderers...

What do you do when you learn your family is the one who's holding all the secrets. Secrets that could get you killed...

Ella is looking forward to starting college in the fall with her best friend Josie. She’s looking for a place where she can get away from her overbearing parents and two older annoying brothers. Unfortunately Ella realizes that sometimes the past comes back to haunt you.
Ella soon learns that the man who terrorizes her dreams is in fact real and coming after her.
When one of her classmates is murdered, Ella slowly recognizes this is not some strange coincidence. Ella fears that the boy she’s falling in love with is the one who stalks her dreams and no longer knows who she can trust.
When she finally learns the truth of her families deepest secret, Ella has to face her demons by taking out one of the people she thought she could trust…before they kill her. 

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