Monday, February 4, 2013

Book Feature: Time for Teachers by Laura Moyers

Hey all! Today, I have a little treat for all the teachers out there! Here's a book perfect for you.

Time Out For Teachers
Laura J. Moyers
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Truthfully, when you start your teaching career, it won't be your knowledge of content that keeps you up at night. It won't be your mastery of the latest technology. It won't even be the standardized tests. All of those can and do pose challenges, but the one thing even the best education program can't prepare you for are the kids. That's where this book comes into play. Time out for Teachers is a chance to share some of one music teacher's honest experiences with kiddos. The good, the bad, and sometimes the ugly moments are all here, waiting for you to discover what teaching is all about.


“What a wonderfully written book! Laura was able to bring to life her interactions and experiences, both joyful and heartbreaking, with the students, parents and colleagues in her career. There is something in this book for new teachers, teachers with years of experience, administrators and parents. Laura has done an excellent job telling her story and of highlighting the important role everyone has in the education of our youth.”

- Garry Sigle, Executive Director, Kansas Association of American Educators

“As a new teacher, I found Mrs. Moyers’ book full of sage advice on everything from classroom management, parents, to working with coworkers. Her stories made me laugh, filled my eyes with tears, and most of all inspired me. I would highly recommend her book to any teacher beginning their journey in education.”
- Ashley Hammond, Elementary Kindergarten Teacher

“As a future teacher, you hope you are going to change the world, but as Time Out for Teachers aptly demonstrates, the students are going to change you, as well. This book is a wonderful resource.”
- Maria Rachel Hooley, Secondary teacher and bestselling author of October Breezes and the Sojourner Series

“Laura’s book is wonderful. It is such a great teaching tool for a college class of prospective teachers. The information stated in her book includes things a beginning teacher needs to know in order to become a successful teacher. It makes sense, and is well-organized.”
- Dr. Lynn Firestone
Retired Principal
Gardner, Kansas

“Laura Moyers' Time for Teachers is a fountain of wisdom for new, old, and even retired teachers! As I read this, many things hit home, reminding me of experiences, feelings, and insights I have had in my teaching career. It gives me satisfaction to see that somebody else has felt the same way in so many instances, both poignant and funny! I even wrote down some of Laura's lines. Pre-service or beginning teachers could definitely benefit from reading Take Time for Teachers! The stories, advice, and asides are both practical and entertaining!”

- Sheila L. Lefler,  30-Year Veteran of Public Elementary Schools, Retired


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