Thursday, June 13, 2013

Book Feature: Shattered by Kathi Baron

Shattered by Kathi Baron

Shattered is about Cassie Prochazka, a violinist in the Chicago Youth Symphony. About what happens the day after her debut as a soloist when her dad breaks her violin. She's enraged and runs away. She meets a number of helpful and not-so-helpful strangers. Eventually, her violin teacher talks her into returning home, where she unravels a terrible secret within her family. A painful violin secret. Within the secret is also her sense of power, which she uses to open up new possibilities for healing the homeless, her family, and herself.

Above: Kathi Baron

What authors are saying about Shattered:

"This is a novel about picking up pieces, told in a voice that is both poetic and compelling. Kathi Baron's Shatteredhas perfect pitch."
--Kathi Appelt, author of The Underneath, a Newbery Honor Book and National Book Award Finalist

"It takes a special kind of author to create an emotional jouney that opens our hearts. Kathi Baron is that kind of storyteller and Shattered is that kind of book." 
--Louise Hawes, author of The Vanishing Point and Waiting for Christopher, both New York Public Library Best Books for the Teen Age, and Rosey in the Present Tense, a YALSA Popular Paperback

"Readers will cheer Cassie's journey as she runs away from a shattered home to a brief experience with homelessness and back again. Kathi Baron soars in this debut novel full of creative inspiration, healing and hope. --Lynn Hazen, author of Shifty, a Smithsonian Notable Book & Voice of Youth Advocates "Top Shelf Fiction"

"Shattered is a sonata in words, a deeply lyrical journey, ringing with overtones." 
--Tim Wynne-Jones, Horn Book and Edgar Award winning author of Blink and Caution and The Uninvited


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