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Excerpt: Bleu Moon by Caroline Clemens

He smiled and raised his eyebrows as his big blue eyes warmed her further. Yes, this was just what he needed, an adventure with a beautiful woman. He reminded himself to keep his edge, eyes on the mission, the goal. He was glad the young agents were here as they were well informed with all the latest technology. He himself was a mixture of the old and the new. He had the experience and sixth sense, which superseded technology at times. 

He was a MacGyver of sorts, the guy with all the skills, ready for any adventure. At least he used to be. Carl was wearing dark cocoa linen slacks and a polo shirt. He’d added the wedding ring as an afterthought. Now, he joined hands with Darlene as they made their way to the puddle jumper, but not before the island crew put leis around their necks. The beautiful and scented floral necklaces smelled sweet. The friendly islanders welcomed them and then said bon voyage to their continued journey. The seaplane held nine passengers and three crew members.

Once in the air, drinks were served and everyone looked out their windows as they were flying fairly low. They could see colors of sapphire, turquoise, azure and indigo, fascinating them. They flew over small islands of trees, brush and sandy white beaches. Their eyes were fixed and mouths agape, no one could escape the stunning, serene view. 

Darlene had noticed that the two agents had changed their clothes to extreme casual. One had jean shorts hung rather low and faded, and the other had sport shorts to the knees with a sleeveless cotton tee. All this, she wondered, was it really necessary? Probably it was because her son was in the South Pacific and she had no idea why. What she didn’t understand was how the trail just stopped cold. Olivier and the agents, including Raoul and Carl, followed all of it to here and then nothing else. It seemed strange. 

The sea plane landed in the turquoise-colored, calm water and then motored right up to the dock. The dock was lively with fishing boats, tourists and other pleasure crafts waiting to take people to outlying destinations for their enjoyment. An islander greeted them and put their luggage in a wheel carrier and had them take a seat on a golf cart nearby. The sign next to the palm trees read:


You have arrived in Paradise!


The island was fairly flat and Darlene thought she could almost see to the other side. Green vegetation rose up all around her and the cart followed a path on the sandy soil. As they came upon a clearing, an old cottage type motel appeared, fixed up nicely with colors of the West Indies: muted yellows, spice oranges, dull greens, and brown touches. Down the way she could see an old building, which seemed to have a hangar next to it. The guide filled her in when he saw her looking in that direction. He told her that was built right after the war and it wasn’t open. The owner hadn’t been here in many years. 

Carl looked at Darlene and mouthed the words . . . not open. Then he smiled at her. The cottage-looking motel held about forty guests when filled. There were ten small cottages capable of sleeping four guests each. A small bar and restaurant with an outdoor patio faced the ocean, and it was centered among the guests rooms. 

Paradise is where they were, and she felt it for a moment, that soft warm breeze, not a care anywhere, beautiful scenery and Carl, her pretend husband. She laughed. 

It was Monday, January 21st and all of them had been on the island a week, attempting to act like a married couple, post-college tourists and fishing sportsmen. Now what, she thought. A week was all she needed for a vacation.

“I thought we might go explore the vacant building today,” said Carl. 

“How did you know? I’ve been dying to see what is inside there,” Darlene answered.

“I thought so . . . me too.”

Bleu Moon (Bleu Series #2)
Caroline Clemens
Genre: Contemporary Literature
Publication Date: August 30, 2013
Publisher: Xlibris
Cover Designed By: Wicked by Design
Event organized by: Literati Author Services, Inc.

This beautiful and compelling story of family and love is surrounded by mystery and intrigue. The blue moon which occurs so infrequently is a picturesque ride to behold by honor and grace as the magnitude of the mission rests upon their shoulders. Olivier continues his Special Forces involvement as he and Brie unite and find out how families come together in a crisis. Do you love Paris? Bleu Moon, the second novel in this duet will take you on a trip through the French countryside and beyond, then back to the streets of Paris with adventure in the city of light and love

I’m from Atlanta, Georgia where I live with my husband, son and twin daughters. I’m writing contemporary stories with faraway destinations, such as Paris, and exploring life in this global world right along with my characters. A nurse and outdoor enthusiast for many years, I am now in love with music, movies and the written word. More detailed bio here~

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