Saturday, April 30, 2011

Bookshelf Showcase #4

BookShelf Show Case is a once a month meme hosted by AwesomeSauce Book Club You can show off your personal book shelf or another book shelf you find really fun or that you love.

Since the break started I've began moving some really old books into a closet in a different room. -.- Its all I could do to make space because my parents changed their mind about buying me a new shelf since I have no place to put it. -.- I actually wanted a wall shelf but they don't trust it seeing the amount of books I have. Hahaha. Sigh. Oh well. :D Better than nothing.



  1. Your shelves are gorg! Umm I'd have to clean mine to actually take a yeah not happening anytime soon lol :D

  2. Love your comment on Twitter that there would be more space. But looks like most of the space is allready filled out :P

    But love your shelves. So full of personality :D
    I actually took some pictures of some of my shelves de other day :P Think about putting them up tomorrow :D


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