Friday, April 15, 2011

Exams are OVER! You know what that means! :D

I'm done! I'm done! I'm so relieved! So freaking relieved! *happiness*
Its just going to be for 2 weeks and a few days so I better hop to all the stuff I need to do before then. 
Here are some things I should finish before the 2 weeks are over. 
  1. Move all read books in a closet somewhere in my house. (Mom's idea, she doesn't want to buy me a new shelf anymore. :( )
  2. Read all the 10 books I have on my TBR pile on my shelf.
  3. Do at least 3 Re-Cover Me's.
  4. Review! Review! Review! 
  5. Need to design my school books cover (I do this all the time, we all have the same books at Uni so I wanna be different)
  6. Practice driving to Uni and back (I'm still afraid to drive around)
  7. Reorganize my shelves
  8. Finish some of my scrap books
  9. Redesign my blog layout
  10. Move my design blog on blogger! :D Yay! 
That's all for now. I hope to lessen some of the work today. -.- Oh boy. Speaking of work. I need to report back. Hahahaha.

*passes around cookies and cake* What have you guys been up to?



  1. Thanks for cookies :P haha

    Looks like you are full booked this holiday :P Awesome plans :)

    I have like 3 days of :) I am so looking forward to that, it`s next weekend :) YaY

    Good luck with all your plans :)

  2. *munching cookies*
    Omg! I am so envious of you, my AS exams are still not done, its like this impending doom haunting me!
    Oh! thanks for the cookies,hehe!:D
    Enjoy your blissful holidays!


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