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Review: Born at Midnight (Shadow Falls #1) by C. C. Hunter

Title: Born at Midnight (Shadow Falls #1)
Author: C. C. Hunter
Started: 27/9/2011
Finished: 1/10/2011
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Kylie's life is crashing down all around her. Her parents are getting a divorce, her boyfriend dumped her and her way of rebelling got her into a party that the police raided and hence her being at the police station with a very angry mother and the news that she'll be sent off to Shadow Falls Camp which is supposedly a camp for "Delinquents" or "Troubled Teens"for the summer. And on top of that, she keeps on seeing this guy in a Soldier outfit that no one can see but her.

After her failed attempts to talk her mom out of the whole camp deal. Kylie is forced to leave home for the summer to attend this "Camp"which only turns out to be a not so normal camp and Kylie denies any allegations of being anything but normal and she can't help but think everyone in camp are all emo-goth paranormal freaks! And she's convinced that she doesn't belong anywhere near them or does she?


As much as I'd like to say that I loved the beginning. I didn't. It was slow paced and Kylie didn't click with me at all in the beginning. I found her kind of obnoxious and a little too overwhelmed with her feelings and such. But then its mentioned that she's sixteen and I gave a mental apology to the book and tipped my invisible hat to the author for capturing how a sixteen year old teenager acts very well.

To say the least the story was thought out well and was also projected and written with the same ease as a confident writer would write. I grew attached to Kylie and with her I began to dislike and like a few characters here and there. Though there were some that I hated and thought twice about when it came their friendship with Kylie. You really can't help the predictability of some books but this book kept it to a minimum.

I enjoyed how the book escalated up and down without much being overdone. I particularly enjoyed how all types of paranormals try to get along with each other in camp bit despite their species against species disputes. I found the bit about Fairies and Witches being rivals funny.

To sum it all up, the story began slow, but picked up pretty well up till the end of the book. The characters are bearable, funny and fun. The love triangle annoyed me and made me dislike Kylie a bit because of her indecisiveness then again I had to remind myself how old she is and how little experience she has when controlling her emotions. The book was a real page-turner and unputdownable as soon as you picked up the right pace. Its the right book to pick up if you'd like to read something that has all your favorite Paranormals in. Definitely one of the great debuts of the year!


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