Saturday, November 5, 2011

Book Feature + New Release: Bound by Kira Saito

A new release, I'm honestly looking forward to. Synopsis and links are all below.

Available on Amazon and Smashwords now!!! 

Sixteen year old Arelia LaRue lives in New Orleans where the music is loud, voodoo queens inhabit every street corner, and the ghosts are alive and well. Despite her surroundings, all she wants is to help her Grand-mere Bea pay the rent and save up for college.

When her best friend Sabrina convinces her to take a well-paying summer job at the infamous Darkwood plantation, owned by the wealthy LaPlante family, Arelia agrees.

However, at Darkwood strange things start to happen, and gorgeous Lucus LaPlante insists that he needs her help. Soon, the powers that Arelia has been denying all her life, come out to play and she discovers mysteries about herself that she could have never imagined.

YA Paranormal Romance

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What do you think?



  1. I think the cover is awesome!!!!

  2. Nice cover! It reminds me a little of the Once a witch ones. But I don't like the face of the girl (for what we can see lol).
    The story sounds great :)


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