Sunday, January 15, 2012

Quick Review: The Vampire Relationship Guide: Secrets and Trust (Vampire Relationship Guide #2) by Evelyn Lafont

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Title: The Vampire Relationship Guide: Secrets and Trust (Vampire Relationship Guide #2)
Author: Evelyn Lafont
Started: 15/1/12
Finished: 15/1/12
Medium: eBook
Genre: Urban Fantasy

Goodreads Synopsis:

Josie’s come a long way from being an average human chick who just wants to sex-up a vampire. She’s dated, mated, and killed one of the world’s richest vamps and is currently seeing a mysterious, blood-slurping hottie named Walker.

Now, Josie must adjust to the realities of a steady relationship with a vampire, which isn’t all exciting parties, hot sex and moonlit walks. And with a vamp who’s anxious to push their relationship to the next phase as mortality bears down on his human’s fragile body, the pressure for Josie to commit is on.

Can their night-day romance survive leaving Josie’s character and individuality intact, or will the secrets of the supernatural community crush her spirit and her chance at a permanent vampire mate?

WARNING: This is not your regular paranormal romance. This series explores the realities (such as they might be) of humans having relationships with vampires and uses a chick lit style to get there. Oh yeah–and the characters within are fallible and not entirely heroic.

When I won this book I was ecstatic, when I got it from the author was overwhelmed, when I started sending it to my kindle I was restless! And I really wanted to read it because the first book was soooo good. Unfortunately due to me being some blog tours, I had to prioritize other eBooks. But when I started this I didn't stop until I finished it.

Honestly, it wasn't as good as the first one BUT it was hilarious! I loved how much this installment made me laugh. Oh and the steamy sex was wonderful. Walker is sooo hot. Even though it was a turn off that he lived somewhere I didn't expect at all and was kind of a coach potato until called out to work.

If you're looking for a steamy, fun, hilarious, and a somewhat chick-litish one-sitting read. VRG series is your best choice. Josie x Walker ALLLLLLL THE WAY!


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