Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Guestpost: Never Say Never by Misa Buckley (Author of Elenor's Heart)

Never Say Never

by Misa Buckley

I’m not one for bandwagons. The more a book is a “must read”, the more I tend to ignore it. And everyone else seemed to be writing vampires in the wake of That Book. Well, I wasn’t going to. Vampires were overdone. Yeah, about that…

I blame Sanctuary. I truly intended not to commit Vampire Fic, but this show – or, more precisely, the vampiric Nikola Tesla – got to me. The mythology was nothing I’d heard before and Jonathon Young’s performance was irrepressible, and slowly I fell in love.

Then again, I have a weakness for bad boys; especially intelligent, snarky bad boys. Nikola definitely fitted that mould, which the added bonus of him being a very snappy dresser. Add to that a hundred-year crush on the main character, and falling for him was really a moot point.

However, Young’s Tesla wasn’t a major character. I wanted to dig deeper into the possibilities of vampires being a race of their own right. So I invented my own mythology and broke my promise – I wrote about vampires.

Dying of a rare blood disease, Eleanor Franklin needs laudanum to ease the pain, often driven to steal in order to buy more. But when she steals a ruby she has no idea that the gem will tip her into the midst of a deadly species war.

Saved by Jefferson Park, she discovers a man with an even darker past than her own: he is one of the last true Vampires fighting to stop the eradication of his kind.

But the Sanguine aren’t the only problem as Eleanor finds herself falling in love with Jefferson. It is a relationship she cannot commit to, as she knows her time is limited, and she will not risk breaking his heart.

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Thank you Misa for the post! I hope to read your book in the near future! :D



  1. Thanks for having me, Naj :)

  2. Congrats Misa! Your book sounds awesome! And i love the cover! Pst..I have a weakness for bad boys myself. lol This sounds like an emotion roller coaster and i cant wait to jump on and take a ride! Cant wait to read there happy ending! ;) Thanks for sharing and again, CONGRATS! :) Enjoy your tour!


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