Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Review: Short Stories - Inkspell Publishing

Hey all! I'm trying to catch up with my reading challenge on Goodreads! I was 12 books behind but thanks to these reads wonderful reads and novellas I've made it to 8! Woohoooo!

Synopsis: Life is complicated when you are pregnant at 17. But when the father doesn’t know and he is marrying another right in front of you, it is bound to break your heart. What does Ellie do? Cry on her daughter’s shoulders? (Goodreads)

Review: This is such a sweet novella! Naya Nikki is really talented. I can't wait to read her full-length books, she writes like Nora Roberts and thats saying something big!

Synopsis: Amelia loves Aaron, her fiancĂ©. She also loves Damon. Can one be in love with two men at the same time? How do you define infidelity? Or fidelity (Goodreads)

Review: Though short, I loved this a lot more than Shilpa's earlier novella. This could be a start of a very promising full length romance!

Synopsis: The one person Celina fought so hard to get over five years ago is back, and has kidnapped her. He says he wants a second chance to prove his love. Will she allow him to glide back into her life and heart? (Goodreads)

Review: How in the world does Cece do it?! She writes such great romances in just a few pages. This was even better than Truly. Madly. Deeply. You. I loved the plot, Abe and his hotness. She needs to take this story and make it a full length novel of awesomeness! Wonderful short story written by a very talented writer!

Synopsis: Aynia doesn’t remember anything, save her name. Can Aeden help her remember who she is, the love they shared, and the importance of the quest for which she risked her life? Or will the power of an evil warlock shatter all they hold dear?

Review: Short stories don't usually go a long way with me. I tend to crave for more at the end of each one. I craved for more at the end of this book.
The plot was present even if the whole eBook was just 24 pages. It actually surprised me. There's not much you can do with 24 pages and yet, Peterson did a lot!

The story was set in Ireland and was about a woman losing her memory and going missing in the human world. If I read right, she's actually from the Fae world. Warlocks were also a factor in the story. Its hard to portray witches in books without them sounding so lame. In this case, the warlock was pretty badass (he's the bad guy).

3 out 5 stars for plot, characters and overall fun!

Synopsis: Nothing can shield him from the horrible dream. Nothing can protect her from a danger she can't see. (Goodreads)

Review: Another taste of WANT in a different perspective. The perspective of the predator. This short read made me pity Isaac. He's a coward but he's been fighting the feeling for so long and I never really realized it until I read this. Poor dude. I guess he just really couldn't help himself and even worse, he doesn't know how to face his problems. Tsk. 

Just a little note to all: It's better if you read this AFTER you read WANT, you'll understand it better.

Synopsis: Charlotte could never forget the first kiss from her Carny but she had a lot going on before she met him again in Astoria. Charlotte's wedding bares it all. (Goodreads)

Review: I can't get enough of Inkspell's Short stories! After my 5th one, I'm getting addicted. I wonder if there are anymore!

Charlotte's Wedding is a short story and could be a prequel to Brooke's full length novel The Carny that I'm absolutely thrilled that I have! Now, I can't wait to pick it up. This short story gives you a clear image about why and what Charlotte has been going through. It's sad really, and I can't wait to read her happing ending in The Carny.

Phew! I'm on a roll! 



  1. Thank you so much for the kind words, Naj. I'm really happy to hear you enjoyed Lies and other disasters. :) Full length - a fantastic idea. Abe and the gang are fun :D <3 <3

    1. Not a problem Cece! Abe is super fun and oh so hawt! Love the concept and plot. You should try going full length with this one! *puppy dog eyes* Pweety pweese?

  2. Thanks so much for the review, Naj! I love reading all of your reviews!

    And I'm thrilled you were craving more, because more is coming. This short story is a very brief introduction to a full novel, which focuses mainly on Malachi. Stay tuned..

    1. You're very welcome! :D <3 Yaaaaay! I will most certainly stay tuned!


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