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ARC Review: Falling From Eternity by Megan Duncan

Megan Duncan YA Author 
 I'm super excited for this tour! For one, I designed the Book Cover and I'm a big fan of Megan and all her books. I decided not to host a giveaway or do a dream cast because I don't have the time to market it much or look for images of my favs for William and Autumn. So for now, lets do the review instead! :)

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Title: Falling From Eternity
Author: Megan Duncan
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Format: eBook from Author 

 For William, life was as wicked and malicious as the beast he was trying destroy. Decades spent living a life of extravagance, domination and ravenous hunger haunted him. But when you live forever, the past never stays buried. And that which wishes to control you, will never let you go. William thought he found his escape, his one and only love, but the thing he fears the most could be the only thing that saves them. Or, it could doom them all.

I've read all of Megan's work and I loved each and every one of them and this one was no different. She took a romance almost like something Nora Roberts or Nicholas Sparks would write and added in a Vampire, which became the almost perfect combination.

As usual Megan's writing is awesome, my only issue is with William. I'm not sure if his character is intentional but he was irritating the way he acted throughout the book. I loved Autumn and all the minor characters (Not Ming, I hated him). William at first was bearable. He was a free vampire with no purpose. But along the way he started reminding me of a woman. I'm not sure if it's because of the way he spoke or thought but he just did! Well, on the bright side, he is good looking.

The plot was good and simple for such a short book and I feel as the series goes on, the depth of it will start to grow and exist. But I'm feel refreshed and I thoroughly enjoyed reading such a sad romance. I cried several times too. I just couldn't help myself.

To sum it all up, though the book was short and found William a tad bit annoying, I loved the writing, the simplicity of the plot and most of all the factor that makes you tear up!


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