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Review: Always Me by Kelly Riad


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Title: Always Me
Author: Kelly Riad
Genre: Young Adult: Paranormal, Retellings, Paranormal Romance
Format: eBook from Author
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By the summer, Tatiana “Nicky” Roman must learn to trust Xander Day if she’s ever going to discover the origin of her violent hallucinations. But centuries of being repeatedly murdered by him on July 17th are a little hard to forgive.

Over four hundred years ago, Xander thought the holy man’s prophetic words were as crazy as his eyes—that Alexander and Tatiana were destined to be together forever. But Xander misunderstood the mystic. He knows now forever meant forever taking the other’s life. If they never break the bloody curse holding them prisoners of fate, there will be only one outcome: death.

It's amazing how the books you put off for awhile are the books that end up being the really great ones you nearly did not read at all. Always Me is one of those wonderful books that tend to get neglected.

This is a brilliant book that takes an old tale that is modernized with a paranormal twist to it. Though, I'm a little taken aback by paranormal books now-a-days. Always Me, makes me want to get back into it.

The main character Nicky is your average teen born into a rich family, with high standards and a proper decorum. One thing that makes Nicky not so average is her nightmares. She's been having them almost every night since she could remember. Now, our job as a reader is to guess why she's having these dreams and if the dreams are fragments of a memory or just some random hallucinations.

Nicky is a little bit irritating, she made me go "Come on, Nicky!" a couple of times. But hey! All main characters were written for the purpose of annoying their readers. Well, most of the time.

Xander, Nicky's love interest, is an okay character. I enjoyed reading about him a lot more than Nicky. He was just a mysterious cookie you'd like to find out a lot more about. But along the way, he started to scare me. And together with the main character, you started doubting every character in the book. That's a technique writers love putting into books, to keep a reader reading. It has definitely made me turn it's virtual pages until I reached the end.

The storyline is very intriguing. You can't help but continuously wander what will happen next and why certain things are happening. Oddly enough the plot reminded me a lot of the Fallen Series but at a whole different caliber (Always Me is better). The best part of the book and its plot is the fact that it was very fast paced and doesn't waste time with useless information and details. It's straightforward and it makes the book even more of an amazing read.

Always Me is hands down a page turner! And it's on a subject in history that I absolutely love. I can't get enough of stories like these and to be frank, I'm extremely sad that it had to end the way it did. But hey! All the great stories end with a BAM that leaves you asking yourself - Why?.

Always Me is a wonderful read about romance, friendship, and trust that is all centered around a unique plot, realistic characters and overall, excitement filled pages. An exceptional start to Kelly Riad's career as an Indie Author. I'm looking forward to reading more from her.

Author Bio:
Kelly Riad is an American writer who graduated from Ouachita Baptist University in Arkadelphia, Arkansas with a degree in journalism. Because's she's always been a lucky little brat, her life has taken her all over the world from the hot, humid streets of Hong Kong and the crowded markets of Cairo, to the cobbles of Vienna and the ruins of Rome from where she has shamelessly stolen ideas and material for her stories.

She self-published her first young adult novel, Always Me, in September 2011. Other Novels include Return to Arèthane and Prince of Arèthane.

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