Saturday, December 1, 2012

In My Mailbox #49 - Thrift Store Edition

A weekly meme hosted by The Story Siren, where we post all books we have received where in the mail, bought or got from the library.


Special Mentions:
Cecilia Robert (Author of Truly. Madly. Deeply. You)
K.A. Tucker (Author of the Causal Enchantment Series)

Books Mentioned (Buy these books in The Book Depository):
(The White Queen is actually the first book in the series and the Red Queen is the second)

What do you guys get this week? or the last month? Let me know by commenting below!


  1. Hey pretty lady! :) I am soooo glad you got the books. And wow, what a great selection of books. That's like book heaven. :D Happy reading! And say hi to your sis. :D

    1. Cece! <3 Yep! It is book heaven! She says hi back. <3333

  2. YaY... Awesome you made a vlog again.. :)
    How can you make it with people in the back ground.. I am like checking I am totally alone in the house, before I am able to make mine :P

    Wow.. loads of books I never heard of.. And got curious for :) Look forward to reading your reviews on them :)

    Hope you like 13 little envelopes.. I listened to it on Audiobook. And the audiobook didn`t catch me.. :( But heard awesome stuff about it. So think it`s better to read in paperform.. Enjoy :) Hope you like it..

    Never heard of that Anne Rice book.. You should check out the Witching hour.. I think it`s called.. It`s a trilogy and the books are kind of thick.. But they are really good :D Read them for like several several years ago.. :)

    And if you wanna check out something else by P.C Cast you should check out her series Partheleon. I think it`s called. First book is Divine by Mistake, :)
    It`s also an adult series.. I really enjoyed :)

    Enjoy all your books :D

    1. Uhuh! It's been so long! I'm used to speaking around medium sized crowds so it was okay :)))

      I should look out for the Witching hour series.

      Yep! I have Divine by Mistake! I won it on your giveaway last year. :)

      Thanks so much for the comment! *huuugs*

    2. haha totally forgot that xD

      Wish I was better at talking to crowds.. Learning though :P

  3. So MANY AWESOME BOOKS!!!!! Enjoy reading all of them. :))

  4. You got a bunch of great books this week :) I hope you enjoy everything you got!

    My IMM

  5. Nice haul! Some amazing books I see. Enjoy! Feel free to view My IMM

  6. Wowza you have had a really busy week on the book front - how do you keep up!! Great blog by the way very organised and pretty :D


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