Thursday, December 23, 2010

Holiday Break Reading Challenge, Activity #7: Busting Bookshelves

For Activity #7 of Holiday Break Reading Challenge, We were asked to take photos of our shelves and explain our system of arranging.

I don't have a specific arrangement style. I loved classics when I was younger that's why I have a lot of penguin books! Anyways, I like to color code my books as well. sometimes when they're all independent books. Here I put together all the yellows and blues then all my series together or in other words all my YA. I like to keep to the sizes as well.

I was running out of space so I just started stacking them on top of each other. Again I stayed true to colors, authors, series and the sizes in terms of height. Obviously the magazines and language books below this shelf is unorganized and has no particular system.
My top shelf,  is where I've kept manga, and those big books that don't really fit on the bottom shelves and they're also historical novels written by modern authors. I organized them again by author, series and size. I'm sometimes very particular when it comes to the sizes. I just hate it when one book seems larger than another and they're right beside each other. ANNOYING. 

That concludes my bit of this activity. Hope you guys enjoyed. Yes, I have more classics than YA books. I'm still building up my collection. :D

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  1. My brother always makes fun of me by taking a book an putting it on the wrong place. Because I always notice it an gets annoyed by it.
    Because I am like you putting them by sice. and ofcourse series stay together :)
    And then I got different shelf for different topics :)

    Love watching others bookshelf :P Fun :)
    Lookes like you got some good books ;)


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