Thursday, December 23, 2010

I've been Challenged! :D

First off we have 2011 Debut Author Challenge hosted by The Story Siren. I joined this specifically to get to know the new authors out there in the YA scene. Since I'm really really behind. I'm actually aiming to read at least 5 new debut books. (List of books is here) (Add review here)

I was pleased when I saw this Challenge! Before I became a book blogger I always surfed other book blogs and saw that they joined a similar challenge like this but for 2010.  (My list of to reads will be here) So I can't wait to start reading for this challenge you can find here.

Next we have a new kind of Challenge! The 350 Page Challenge hosted by Whats your story book reviews. This is an interesting challenge. Your goal here is simply to read books with 350 Pages or more. I like this cause I always seem to have those book that are over 350 pages. :D My aim is to at least read 15 books that have 350 Pages. I think I'll have to change that goal right after I've surpassed it. :D List here.

I joined this one because I realized I've only read like 30 and below books this year and compared to all the other book blogs I'm nothing. T-T SO! To widen my perspective, I'm joining this Outdo Yourself Challenge hosted by The Book Vixen. My Goal is to double that and read 60 (which is I'm ON FIRE level) books next year and I can't wait to try and thanks to the other challenges I might even read more! :D (My list of to-reads)

This is one Challenge I've just joined today. I think this will help me widen my YA book collection and knowledge. This is hosted by Jamie Loves YA. My Goal here is to read at least 40 YA books which according to this challenge is the Jumbo Size Level. :D (My list of to-reads which is the same as the outdo yourself Challenge)

Finally! I'm getting some motivation to actually read all my wordsworth classics that are just sitting around my shelves. I'm going to try and read 12 books which I'm actually amazed I all have on my shelves waiting to be read. Anyways, I'm aiming to be a Knight according to the levels. :D (Also, click the button above to view rules and the mechanics of the challenge. My list.

A new challenge I'll be joining. I know. I'm going overboard! While I'm at it you know. :D Rules and such can be found here.  Aiming for Level 3-Working Hard  9-12 Books. List here


  1. Good luck with your reading challenges :)
    Looking forward to reading a lot of reviews for the next year :) It looks like you picked out some pretty good books :P

  2. Good luck with the challenges. I've joined a few of them (looks like there's a few others I might enjoy!)
    The Follow Friday (and Book Blog Hop) are both really awesome ways to meet others who like to do what we do. :) I love to be able to answer the usualy questions they give. It gives you a little inside about the other bloggers, and that's fun to learn.

    Enjoy your holidays!


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