Tuesday, January 4, 2011

YA Series Challenge

A new challenge I'll be joining. I know. I'm going overboard! While I'm at it you know. :D Rules and such can be found here. (My list of challenges I've joined are here)

Level 1-Trying it Out 3-5 Books
Level 2-Making an Effort 6-8 Books
Level 3-Working Hard  9-12 Books <- Naj is aiming for this one!
Level 4-Fully Committed 13-16 Books
 Level 5-Beyond Obsessed 17-22 Books
Level 6-Addicted and Loving It 23-30 Books

 Hunger Games Series: 

The Mortal Instruments Series

- City of Bones
- City of Ashes
- City of Glass
- City of Fallen Angels

Cast Chronicles 

- Beautiful Creatures
- Beautiful Darkness
- Beautiful Chaos

The Wolves of Mercy Falls

- Linger
- Forever

Wicked Lovely Series

- Ink Exchange
- Fragile Eternity
- Radiant Shadows
- Darkest Mercy

Evernight Series

 Wondrous Strange Series

- Wondrous Strange
- Darklight
- Tempestuous 

Iron Fey Series

- The Iron King
- The Iron Daughter
- The Iron Queen 
- The Iron Knight 

The Darkest Powers Series

The Dark Divine Series
- The Dark Divine
  - The Lost Saint
- 3rd book

Hush, Hush
-  Hush, Hush
- Crescendo
- Tempest


  1. Wow so many great series !! It's awesome that you're joining this challenge too !! We've got some series in common !! How great ! Happy reading Naj ;)

  2. This is such a great challenge! I admire your dedication to challenges...I'm far too flaky ;)

  3. Thanks for joining our YA series challenge. You have some great series books picked out! Good luck and have fun!

  4. Elodie, Yep, Hopefully, I'll read them all. :D Yep! You too!
    Melissa, It is a great challenge. Lol :D I find these challenges fun. :D Thanks for the comment.
    Shannon, Loved the idea! I'm one of your newest followers btw! :D

  5. LOL sounds like me and all my challenges I have going right now.

    Stopping by to give you this award as well to say thank you.


  6. hurrayyy for you joining the challenge! you have some awesome series picked out! best of luucckkk ;)
    happy reading!


  7. You haven't read The Hunger Games yet?! You're in for a treat! TMI is excellent, too!

  8. Diana! Thank you ! :D
    Aylee, nope I haven't! I know! :D I can't wait to get started. :D


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