Saturday, January 1, 2011

Holiday Break Reading Challenge, Activity #16: Goals for 2011

Activity #16 tells us to set our blogging and reading goals of 2011. Since I already did something similar like this. I'll just paste it here with more goals.

Goals 2011.

#1 - Shorten my TBR pile, lately, I've been adding more and more books into my TBR pile without actually buying and reading those books and also the pile that's actually left unread on my shelves. I have a bunch that really need to be read. Hopefully, I can find a challenge that'll help me read and finish all the classics that sit idle on my shelves.

#2 - Write more reviews, hopefully, next year I'll get to write more reviews on books in various different genres. If I manage to actually go through other genres other than historical and YA. My list of Reviews.

#3 - Comment more, I feel like I've been neglecting some of the great blogs by just passing by and not actually commenting. I should comment more!

#4 - Join Challenges, Challenges always help build motivation and finish all the things that need to be finished like the idle books on my shelves! I can't wait to get started on some of the challenges everyone has lined up in the blogmosphere! My Challenges can be found here.

#5 - Read more YA, I made this blog especially for the genre YA. So, I can't wait to start reading more YA based books!

#6 - Reach 100 followers, by the mid 2011 I hope i get 100 followers! Its one of my goals for my blog.

#7 - Reach 1000 hits!

#8 - Complete 100 books before 2011 ends, I really, really hope I can do this. *uses the secret*

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