Friday, January 28, 2011

Bookshelf Showcase

Update: BookShelf Show Case is a once a month meme hosted by AwesomeSauce Book Club You can show off your personal book shelf or another book shelf you find really fun or that you love. Each Month on the first I will post this and we can link up here and see what changes we made. This will be a cool way for us all to get ideas on how to display our books more creatively.

 Yay! Its now a meme! :D


A little thing Awesomesause is doing here.

This should be a meme done once a month so we can see all the changes on our bookshelves and show it off to everyone! haha. :D Me like. Here is my bookshelf pictures. I have like 2 bookshelves but I only use 3 shelves for all the literal bookies! I also have a shelf for magazines and Design books. But I didn't show it off here. Anyways! onto the pictures!

First self! All YA related books. :D

All the classics on this shelf. 

Then a mix.

Nothing special I know.  I really need to install more shelves. I ran out of space. T-T My dad promised us we'll be getting wall shelves and all for the past 3 months but nothing has happened yet. Oh well! 

Hope you guys like. :D Tell me what you guys think. I know I don't have much YA books just yet. I'm still new. :D Haha. But its getting there. I really love looking at other peoples bookshelves. 



  1. I love looking on others bookshelves to :)
    Uhh.. you got many good books :P Me like..

    I don´t think I will be in these meme..
    But I am thinking about putting up pictures of all my books, when I just get them out of the moving boxes xD :P So probably take a while..

  2. This is a great idea Naj : showing your bookselves every month !! I really have this kind of post !! My bookshelf is not big either .. I'm like you still new at it !! =) lol !!

    By the way, don't forget to tell me when you receive Matched !! =)

  3. I see The Passage there at the bottom. You should move it to the top. I know, it's long, and a big investment, but I thought it was worth it.

    Happy reading!

  4. MoonStar, :D Awwh! But I hope you get settled soon. :D
    Elodie, Thank you! :D Lol! yeah! but you do have a lot more books than me. :D I will don't worry!
    Annette, I heard it was really good thats why I borrowed it from my friend! :D Thank you!

  5. Love it your you need more shelf space like me heres my shelf!

  6. Everybody starts out somewhere collecting books. I'm pretty sure most us still are collecting I know I am, and I probably will continue.

    Cool shelves, I'm actually gonna do this too but I was gonna do a bookshelf tour Vlog :) I love Vlogs. I did one but you can't really see the books so I haven't put it up yet.

  7. Ashley, Haha! Yep. I'm thinking of stopping until I've read all of them before getting new ones. My TBR list is growing. T-T Yea! I love Vlogs too. They're so much better. :D Thanks for the comment!

  8. Yeah, I keep telling myself to stop buying, but I really don't have the restraint.

  9. You have some awesome books. And I love your displaying of them. I was thinking of organizing mine by YA and Adult or something maybe even Vamps, WEres, Witched something like that..

    And I did make this a once a month thing, even made a little picture to go with it! Thanks for sharing!


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