Monday, December 27, 2010

Holiday Break Reading Challenge, Activity #11: Book Title Sentence

For todays activity we were asked to make a sentence with our book titles. I kind of went overboard because it is so much fun! hahaha. :D Moving on to the sentences!

 My first one is: A fine passion [of the] fallen misguided angel [to] torment [the] need [to] shiver.

2nd one: Me and Mr. Darcy [had] a fine passion [to find] the secret misguided angel [who has] fallen [to] torment [the] need [to] shiver. (I know this doesn't make much sense)

3rd one: Me and Mr. Darcy [had] a fine passion [to] shadow kiss the secret wicked lovely misguided angel [who has] fallen to distraction.

My last one is: Jane Eyre, mastered by love [went to the] Vampire Academy masquerade [to] nightshade the host. 

This is so much fun! :D 


  1. Wow! You made 4 sentences! I struggled to make even 1 lol

  2. Wow, nice job ... I'm not sure I could be able to do this !!! =)


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