Friday, August 12, 2011

Re-Cover Me Friday #6

Re-Cover Me Friday, is a new feature only featured on my blog. It is a feature where I basically take a book cover and redesign it completely in my own way. This is something I can do that incorporates both my hobby and my job (I'm a designer :D if you don't know already). I'm very excited about this! I hope everyone will find this enjoyable.

So the only time I've actually done Re-covers is when I'm do the real thing for authors. :D Squeeee! So I haven't been making an Re-Cover's at all! Which I totally dread. -.- But you know work is work.

Stock Credit: Background (by Camuna), Pendent, Grave, and Mountains (by Hapekla). Special Thanks to all the stock providers. You are amazing.

The original was done by Matthew Perry. I'm only good in manipulating images and drawing images using references so I can't draw as well as Perry. -.- Anyways! What do you guys think? This came from the book by Jackie Gamber. Here's a little more about the book: 

Goodread's Synopsis:  Enter the lands of Leland Province, where dragon and human societieshave long dwelled side by side. Superstitions rise sharply, as a severe drought strips the land of its bounty, providing fertile ground for the darker ambitions of Fordon Blackclaw, Dragon Council Leader, who seeks to subdue humans or wipe them off the face of the land. As the shadow of danger creeps across Leland Province, a young dragon named Kallon Redheart, who has turned his back on dragons and humans alike, comes into an unexpected friendship. Riza Diantus is a young woman whose dreams can no longer be contained by the narrow confines of her village, and when she finds herself in peril, Kallon is the only one with the power to save her. Yet to do so means he must confront his past, and embrace a future he stopped believing in. A tale of friendship, courage, and ultimate destiny, Redheart invites readers to a wondrous journey through the Leland Dragon Series.

The book needs more love! It's a great book. 


Disclaimer: I mean no disrespect to the actual designers of the books that are mentioned. I also do not own any of the images that are used on the re-covered designs unless otherwise stated.


  1. That's a beautiful image, Naj! I'm always impressed by your artwork (as you already know), but the epic quality of this particular image is pretty amazing.

  2. Once again it looks awesome. I haven't read this one though.


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