Thursday, August 11, 2011

Review: Unruly Magic (Stella Mayweather #2) by Camilla Chafer

Title: Unruly Magic (Stella Mayweather #2)
Author: Camilla Chafer
Started: 10/8/2011
Finished: 11/8/2011
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Unruly Magic and everything about it is even better than the first book. I was glad I received a copy of the second book while I was reading the first one for a review. I was so excited and when I finished the first book. I just couldn't wait to read more from Camilla.

The story continues where Illicit Magic leaves us. As Stella regains her footing and goes back a few paces in reality by being alone again but at least with a few cheerful neighbors. Her magic grows stronger and she starts doing things without even trying one bit. Which is totally awesome. I love Stella even though her hints indecisiveness when it comes to men sometimes don't really appeal to me.

I literally was caught in these virtual pages (I was reading the e-book version). I just couldn't stop reading and only realized that I finished the book when well... when there was nothing left to read. And time really flew out the window while I read this. The story continues and the plot gets better and better and the characters get a little confusing and troublesome but thats all part of the book. This is one of those few paranormal series that manages to pull you into the story and takes you for an even more exciting ride with each book you read.

Overall, Camilla Chafer has created an amazing series that I'm looking forward to reading all the way to the end and this is by far the first e-book series I've read and continued to read with the second book and so on. Simply Unputdownable!


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