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Review: Firelight (Firelight #1) by Sophie Jordan

Title: Firelight (Firelight #1)
Author: Sophie Jordan
Started: 18/8/2011
Finished: 19/8/2011
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Jacinda is the first fire-breather in generations of Draki in her Pride and because of her uniqueness the elders of the pride control her life having it planned bit by bit. One summery day in the mountains, Jacinda can't resist the urge to manifest into her Draki form and fly around her loving home in broad daylight but little did she know of the major consequences she has to go through risking her whole pride by flying in daylight and this drove her and her family out of the pride and into a new place where her draki fades and dies only to be revived by a human boy she can't resist.


When I saw the cover and read the synopsis of the book I wasn't too excited to read it. I thought perhaps the book wouldn't be something out of the ordinary but I was half wrong.

The story-line held its originality by mixing dragons into modern times and all illustrated in a beautiful writing style from Sophie Jordan. She carried out the whole book with again another strong character but with a completely different scenario and atmosphere. She created a new concept that takes you to our time with mystical creatures that are dated back hundreds of years.

The not so original bit of the story was the romance. It was yet another Unusual-Girl meets Normal-Boy they fall in love but their differences break them up when an Unusual-Boy comes between the couple to tear them apart and bring Unusual-Girl back with her own kind and then it goes on. But that's not what I read this books for. I read it for the mild action filled parts with a female centered story and this book has it all.

I salute Sophie Jordan for managing to raise my expectations in this series and for writing a wonderful unputdownable book.


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  1. Great Review. I was a little disappointed with the love story it was just too typical. But everything else was really good and it introduced a new supernatural. But the 2nd book was amazing!! It really was so much more. Let me know when you read it.


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