Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Review: Prismatica by L. David Hesler

Title: Prismatica
Author: L. David Hesler
Started: 4/5/11
Finished: 4/5/11
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Prismatica is a collection of dark, poetic, short stories. They all had me captivated. I was sitting there with my mom’s iPad on my lap flipping through the pages without knowing what I expected and WOW. It blew me away. They weren’t just random thought of stories they were deep, horrific and… I can’t describe it. It stirred something deep within me and now I’m inspired to write.  And all 7 were somewhat connected to one another and Hesler did it well! My favorite of the 7 is Sadie’s Beast. It was short but I still loved it.
Hesler has potential to write a full on awesome novel. He’s got the talent for it and I’m looking forward to seeing where writing takes him! I can’t wait to read his upcoming fantasy novels! He deserves more recognition! I’d like to recommend everyone to read his 88 paged e-book! It was creepy and unputdownable a great change in my usual YA paranormal AND I read all in one sitting. :D Oh and watch out for my Re-Cover of this book! Hesler gave me permission to do so. So I'd like to do it for this weeks Re-Cover Me Friday! So watch out!


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