Sunday, February 27, 2011

Bookshelf Showcase #2

BookShelf Show Case is a once a month meme hosted by AwesomeSauce Book Club You can show off your personal book shelf or another book shelf you find really fun or that you love.

My bookshelf after a month! :D More like one shelf. I didn't bother posting about the other shelves because they're pretty much the same. The picture above you can see all my YA books and some books that are a little mix to the left. They're my little TBR pile. Of course its larger than that. But this is what I could fit on this shelf. I need to get new shelves. There is absolutely no more space for my books. o.o A few more books and I'll have to start stacking them on my floor. -.- I bought a only a few books since I couldn't go out for 2 weeks. It isn't much.

My previous bookshelf showcase can be found here.

Hows your bookshelf looking this month?



  1. There are so many great books in your bookshelf Naj !! =)

  2. Now that's what I call a shelf full of awesome! lol. :P


  3. Lots of awesome books. My post is going to be a little late. I have 12 books out that my friend borrowed and sending back to me. So I figured I would wait so I can have it updated.

  4. My shelves start to scare me. :) I'm afraid the shelves are going to fall off! lol. Oh, I do hope you get through all these books and they are amazing for you. :)


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